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"Homo Ludens" = "Playing Man". And that's who we are. The escape rooms we played on our city trips sparked the enthusiasm to put one together ourselves. But with Bruges as our home base, we thought it was a shame to stay "indoor" for our first project. With priceless sceneries at our feet, which have been bombarded as World Heritage Sites, our playing field took a clear shape.

With our wow experiences and the characteristics of good escape rooms in mind, we set to work with "our" city. Through a walk with history, 'La Loca' was reborn. We were looking for a unique cocktail of ingredients: a fun walk, Bruges history, a pinch of excitement, challenging puzzles and riddles, the contribution of social media and a dose of nostalgia from our childhood. In addition to the fantastic storyline, some creative discoveries will blow you away. QR codes lead the way, while the principles of Augmented Reality help complete the mission.

No banal photo search, but contemporary challenges. By the way, our tour tries to connect generations by combining retro gadgets with recent apps.

Try it out, enjoy and amaze yourself but most of all: tell anyone who wants to hear it !!!

And while you are enjoying our first creation, we are already busy devising a second project. Another historical figure to discover soon!

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