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Who was 'La Loca'?

Joanna I of Castile (now Spain), for reasons still argued by historians, went down in history as "La Loca" or the "Madwoman". For political motives, she was married off at the age of 16 to Philip the Fair, son of Maria Van Bourgondië. That didn't stop her from falling madly in love with her husband. Philip had not stolen his name and eagerly took advantage of his appeal in the feminine beauty. It drove his wife mad with jealousy. So much so that in fury she tried to cut the hair of her rivalries.

When Johanna traveled to the Southern Netherlands for the wedding ceremony, Philip was nowhere to be seen. He was partying in Tyrol and at that time appeared to have very little interest in his future bride. Johanna remained madly in love with Philip despite his many escapades and when he died she could not separate from his remains.

Ultimately, her father had her locked up in the Palacio Real in Tordesillas on the grounds of alleged mental illness. Or were political motives to deny her the crown at the root of her incarceration? So much for history as you find it in the history books.


However, Homo Ludens gave a fun twist to this already very special story and invented an alternative history ....


You will find out what this twist is through this video:



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