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La Loca


" La Loca" ("the Madwoman") is a Bruges city ​​walk, quest and voyage of discovery in one, based on the historical figure of Johanna I of Castile.


Young and old combine hip, unknown apps with forgotten nostalgic gadgets. The participants experience the rich history of the Bruges city center in a playful way. "La Loca" "stimulates the senses, sharpens the puzzle instinct and takes you to surprising places.


Fancy a delicious, balanced mix of healthy outdoor activity, challenging fun and surprising historical insight?


Then "La Loca" is the ideal experience activity for a half or even full day in Bruges.


               Let's talk (about it)!
 - Om te spelen in schoolteam 
-  Verhoogt de veerkracht 
- Doet de leerkrachten communiceren over moeilijk bespreekbare thema's.  (burn-out, zelfzorg,   verbinding jong-oud,  omgaan met ouders, klasmanagement,....)

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