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- The tour goes from QR code to QR code through the city center of Bruges. For this you will receive a tablet from us, but you can also use your own phone on the side. The following QR code can only be obtained by properly solving riddles and assignments.


- You get a backpack with equipment. Without this material you cannot 'play' the tour. At the end of the tour you return the backpack completely and intact to us: Homo Ludens, Verversdijk 24.


- Do you play the game with children? No problem. The large backpack contains a small backpack with equipment that the children can also handle. That way they can help you do the tour and at the same time keep them entertained so that you have time to finish the tour without the kids getting bored. Pay attention! You need everything from the small backpack yourself to be able to do the tour!


- "Your" pace is the right one. You don't have to take time into account. You start at the time you want and bring the backpack back in before 9 pm. This gives you the opportunity to have a drink in the meantime, visit a museum or church or stop a little longer along the route, if you wish. However, this is not necessary to play the game and these side jumps are of course not included in the price of our trip. (Launch price: € 48 / team with max 6 adults)


- The walk itself is about 4.5 kilometers long and in principle takes about an hour to get off on a normal walkway.

By solving the riddles and puzzles you should count on a time of approximately 3 to 4 hours , depending of course on how you play the game. (how quickly you find the codes and this with or without using the hints)

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