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Kristoff is a lawyer but would like to step out of this role. Griet is a teacher and supervises students who follow the bachelor of primary education at Vives and also works in the games archive. Together they form a playful duo and complement each other perfectly. While Griet usually flies enthusiastically into a new challenge, Kristoff rightly steps on the brakes and thinks more about what the consequences could be.

They are both involved in the project 'La Loca' and they are very curious whether the public will follow them enthusiastically.

Feel free to leave a review. If that is positive, they jump in the air. They are equally open to constructive criticism that they will certainly work with.

We hereby wish to put everyone who has helped us to realize our dream come true here in the spotlights. Of course we think in the first place of our children: Boudewijn, Elise, Arthur, Julie and Thibault. In addition, we could always count on the help of Grandpa Jef.

Without Bruno & Griet, Céline Goekint, Tom Van Bogaert, David Serlet, LMBD lawyers, our enthusiastic test audience, Raakvlak (real estate heritage Bruges and Ommeland) and the people where we were allowed to hang the QR codes, the fine result of La Loca would certainly not be have been the same. Our sincere thanks to everyone who wanted to participate.

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